Holiday break

added: 2014-12-23

The upcoming Christmas is a signal for kids that classes are temporarily suspended so they can fully indulge in the fun. But changes in the rhythm of the day are common for adults too.

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Many people begins the Christmas holiday early and there are a lot of reasons for that: preparations of the Christmas table can take a lot of time if the family is big or if someone works as building worker it's common that in the course of the year work does not allow for frequent seeing with a family. The latter is a reason that on Saturday we saw workers for the last time this year. It's time to see what has changed since our last reports on renovation.

In November floating dust and dirt was a sign that the great changes in the layout of rooms are taking place. Unnecessary walls had to be demolished and new ones had to be put. Although the clearing rubble seemed to have no end our workers dealed with that as well. The cleaned rooms could begin to change in accordance with the modernization plan. What is the effect? See for yourself :)






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