New apartment for pre-schoolers!

added: 2016-08-23

We are happy to announce that a new apartment for children (this time for pre-schoolers) is open. The apartment is placed in the same spot, but it's layout has changed greatly. As in previously renovated apartments all old installations have been replaced with new ones that fit to the latest layout.

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In last few days children were getting used to new rooms (with their own bathroom in every room, yay!) by filling space with most liked toys like trucks, cars, dinosaurs or teddy bears. 

Apart from children’s’ rooms with bathrooms fitted for pre-schoolers use, apartment has newly equipped kitchen with dining room and living room with TV so that kids can watch they favourites animations from time to time and play together with other children.

DISCLAIMER! All that written above does not mean that this step of modernization has ended. We have collected and used to renovate pre-schoolers apartment 208 000 PLN (almost 50 000 EUR) but to end it we need 30 000 PLN more ( 7 000 EUR more).

Many of you probably know that major works have moved to another (fourth, yay!) apartment for children, main kitchen and future Wiosna’s office (a few more pictures of this process you will find below).

There is something you can do to help us:



More about „Home for children” campaign

Thanks to your help we were able to renovate three apartments for children and we strongly believe that we will succeed with all our plans and dreams – together! :)





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